Euromach: spider excavators for mountains, marshy areas and canals

Euromach has been operating for over 40 years, specializing in the design, construction and marketing of spider excavators (also called walking excavators or spider diggers). Its selection is the most complete in the world market, with models specific for each type of environment, able to operate on the most difficult terrains, even in extreme conditions. All the machines are built in order to reach the absolute affidability.
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Many models for each need
The Euromach's customer doesn't want a standard machine, he wants something special built for his needs. For this reason, we have designed and produced the widest selection of the market, with models that have specifications for all situations.
  • a catalog with 32 different walking excavators
  • exclusive models for every enviroment
  • complete adattability to extreme conditions
  • maximal structural strength
  • technological innovative components
  • certified production
Cab for excavator
Cab for excavator
New cab for R1055 model
We present a preview of the new cab built for the R1055 model which introduces a series of innovations designed to make the driver's comfort and the technological level of the various accessories ever higher.

On the dedicated page you can find a short video presentation of the new cabin and a small photogallery that highlights some important details.
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