R755H Big Foot - Forester


The R755H Big Foot - Forester model is an innovative spider excavator, which features a recently updated hood aesthetics, able to guarantee excellent 360º visibility. The beating heart of the machine is a 3800 cm³ Kubota engine; from 100 hp (74Kw). It has a very performing hydraulic system but without electronic management, which simplifies maintenance operations (and any repairs) as much as possible. The excavator has considerable lifting force and therefore can also be used with heavy attachments that require a lot of hydraulic power. The frame is enclosed within 2100 mm making it therefore also suitable for moving in very narrow streets.
Motore Kubota Stage III
Model: Kubota Stage III
Technical features
Operative weight
Big Foot: 10.000 Kg
Forester: 11.000 Kg
Engine's model
Kubota 3800 74Kw (100hp) Stage III
Engine's type
Water cooled 4 strokes turbo diesel, Intercooler
Engine size
3769 (cc)
Max power
100 Hp (74KW)
Potential difference
12 V
Max arm extension
8570 mm (version D)
Total pumps flow
410 lit/min
Penetration force
110 KN
Break off force
110 KN
Version C
Extension of 1,5 m
Versione C
Version C
Versione C
Version D
Extension of 1,8 m
Versione D
Versione D
Versione D
Details (All images can be enlarged)
R755H Big Foot Forester - Kubota Stage III
Kubota Stage III
R755H Big Foot Forester - Rexroth components
Rexroth components
R755H Big Foot Forester - ROPS and FOPS certified cabin
ROPS and FOPS certified cabin
R755H Big Foot Forester - Great view
Great view
R755H Big Foot Forester - Grammer seat
Grammer seat
R755H Big Foot Forester - Possibility to install many accessories
Possibility to install many accessories
R755H Big Foot Forester - Forester Chassis
Forester Chassis
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